About You

You maybe experiencing the impact of chronic stress or unresolved trauma on the mind-body.  Sapolsky in his book “Why zebras don’t get ulcers” shows how chronic activation of the stress response (you may know it as the fight/flight/freeze response) can lead to many physical, emotional and/or mental symptoms.  These symptoms can be classified in terms of anxiety, OCD, bi-polar, depression or can show up as dis-eases. Some are shown in the table below.

Irrespective of your issues, I provide a safe place where you can be heard, seen and start to find greater freedom and ways of being.


Issues relating to:

Physical Impact

Mental &

Emotional Impact

Stress Sleeplessness Anxiety
Trauma Chronic Illness Depression
Relationship Eating disorders Grief and loss
Identity Auto-immune disease Confusion
Work High blood pressure Panic attacks
Life transition Digestive problems Low self-esteem