AcuEnergetics® is fast and accurate.  I use it as part of Somatic Psychotherapy or as a stand alone treatment for a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions.

AcuEnergetics® understands the energetic body and its connection to the mind, which is vital for the effective treatment of any symptom in the body.  AcuEnergetics® is based on understandings that the cause of illness is in our attitudes and fixed emotional states and it is only the symptoms of this that present in the body.  As a practitioner, I am trained in energetic physiology and anatomy, which involves a detailed understanding of how the mind affects the energetic channels and centers in the body.

Many of my clients come for specific treatment of an injury, chronic health problems or work/family related stress. Some clients attend sessions to work through issues that arise frequently in their lives, such as anger, fear, guilt, insomnia, relationship breakups and panic attacks. Others come because they find that energy balancing helps to relax them and keeps them at optimum health.