“Coming to About Heart has been a life -saver for me. I had suffered from progressive MS, insomnia, anxiety, grief and an overwhelming sense of loss for the previous 2-3 years.

At About Heart, I found a safe haven of understanding, support and healing. Slowly, gently and with great compassion, I have got my life back. I’m not sure how it has happened, but the combination of energy healing and somatic psychotherapy has allowed my body, mind and spirit to integrate, and grow into a more peaceful, accepting self.Kaye July 2012

” My body has been giving me trouble for over 20 years. I have tried lots of healing modalities: 4 to 5 years of acupuncture, naturopathy, back flowers, kinesiology and nothing made any real difference.  I even spend $2000 having my gut flora changed 10 years ago.  AcuEnergetics has been the one modality where I can see progress.

I feel my body responding the next day or even when I’m still on the table.  I maybe reconnecting with sadness that was locked in the body, or feel more energised moving up steps (even my friends notice), the bloating in my body has gone and digestion is easier. I have lots of dreams where I feel an emotional release of fear or anger.  I’m more confident speaking out for what I want. Thank you. ”  Lynette June 2012